Mood of the day: sunshine

After a torrential rain on Friday, the sun was out big time this week end. We are now in June and I have now a fairly tanned skin that allows me to finally wear yellow tones. My skin color is odd, it normally ranges from brownish olive on a good day to duckling yellow on a so so day to grey on a very bad day. Growing up I used to hate sun tanning because being fair skinned was the top beauty feature in the Lao community.  I was always on the darkish side or in their own words, I had the skin of a rice field farmer. I always found this hilarious because at the same time, my dad was always saying; ‘You have the hands of a lazy person: no cracks, no wrinkles,..Let’s pray god that you end up smart’. Talk about growing up confused 🙂

Anyway, today was a good day to 1-embrace my summer skin tone and 2-take part in the ‘Ain’t no mom jeans’ How to wear it: capris or cropped pants theme.

GAP cropped jeans, Campers sandals, Jaeger blouse (don’t you just love the garland collar?), vintage silk scarf bought a decade ago in Camden town market (London, England).

Sunshine 2


6 thoughts on “Mood of the day: sunshine

  1. I know it’s all about the cropped jeans, but I just love those sandals!! I guess cropped jeans are perfect to showcase them – you might lose the colorful detail under the leg of a bootcut or straight leg jean.

    1. Thanks! I adore them too. They are in my top 5 have pair of shoes: love the color combination, the silky smooth and quality leather, the right amount of heel…Plus being made by Campers, they are so COMFORTABLE!!!

  2. Good to see spring time has finally broken out in NYC, we are still waiting for it here in Blighty.
    Gros poutous

  3. I am not sure if my last comment went through, so here I go again…you look great! Those shoes are awesome with the denim. Thanks for linking up with us! Cheers.

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