Thanksgiving and Martha Stewart

I have said it before; one of the traditions we eagerly adopted when we moved here is the celebration of Thanksgiving. There are no expectations of gifts or talking about God’s rebirth or an old man who prefers traveling the world to please kids rather than playing golf in Florida. To top it off, asContinue reading “Thanksgiving and Martha Stewart”

Holiday season: part One

DH and I absolutely love Thanksgiving. We don’t have it in France so when this holiday comes we relish it because basically it is all about food and wine and it is not Christmas yet. We thus still have time to: – figure out what gift to buy. My dream toy for the children isContinue reading “Holiday season: part One”

Mood of the day: turkey ‘hunting’

I woke up with a major freak out – Thanksgiving was Thursday. I had been in a complete denial that I offered to, god knows why, host a Thanksgiving dinner. I started to panic about yams and stuffing and felt the need for an urban huntress vibe to face reality and finally collect the 13lbsContinue reading “Mood of the day: turkey ‘hunting’”