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Working mama: Emily

From time to time, when the endless reworking of my resume is getting too depressing I entertain myself with the idea that one day I’ll make money by offering accessories to make women feel strong and fabulous. More realistic goal is to keep creating, I guess. This post found on the blog laptop on the ironing board set an ‘Art in August’ challenge and is inspiring me to produce something creative every 10 days. My first output is this headpiece, started ages ago, made of denim, lace and hand stitched sequins (which is the most maddening activity ever). I purposely stitched sequins at odd angles so that the shimmering is ranging from green, yellow, light and dark pink. It is called Emily, because it reminds me of a romantic and quirky English girlfriend who stubbornly used to make everything (food, bags, Halloween outfits for her kids etc.) from scratch.

Emily HP