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Mood of the day: Pitch That

Today is a big day because it is the first day that I will be sharing details of Another Garde, the fashion startup I have been working on since February to a friend/business brain/potential investor. It’s scary because I want her to be ruthless and tell me in the face if this whole business concept sucks. It feels a little like introducing G to his new teacher in September and say: ‘do you think he’ll handle structure and discipline well? Hmm…’ A little like giving someone a stick to beat you with. Basically.

Anyway there is a word for what I am doing today: pitching. In the 11 years, I lived in London I probably used the word ‘pitch’ only to order beer but New York is like Pitch Land! I seem to use it all the time:

Baseball pitcher: potentially the most revered sportsman in America

High pitch voices: that’s basically the sound of New York on Sunday brunch time, in shops, on a train to Long Beach etc. An odd sound mix of a pack of barking mutts and a 13 year old teenager having his first orgasm again…and again…again. Yeah. That bad.

Elevator pitch; in here you don’t introduce yourself, you pitch yourself. New Yorkers are pro networkers and have little time so you basically have 30 secs minute to make an impression. In fact, when I was looking for a job, Archibald/the worst job search coach ever used to say: you have 10 words to explain who you are, what you want and how I can help you so go ahead…after 1 minute of my rambling he would snore right in my face. Ass.

Anyway, here’s my Pitch Outfit – I figure that if I bleed from stress it will look nice on white 🙂 like O-ren on Kill Bill.

Elizabeth & James blazer, knit top from Joe Fresh, loungewear from H&M, black hide leather sandals from MIA and DH’s $20 aviator shades.

Final thought:
Let’s make this a home run people!!!

Disclaimer: This is not a public solicitation or offer to fund my business.




Mood of the day: back to back

It has been a while since I have done a MOTD post and the reason is simple: in the last 2 weeks I have been looking like a hobbit on most days and when I was not, I had to rush out of the house because I was late for this or for that. I did miss not doing this type of post because it encourages me to mix and match old and more recent clothing and accessories and give a new twist to my wardrobe – which is sorely needed considering my emaciated clothing budget. Something funny happened yesterday; I realized that I was wearing the same combination of necklace (a 50s 3-strings necklace from Pippin), belt (a reversible grey/fuchsia belt by Calvin Klein) and shoes (flat sandals by Mix No6) as the day before!

This never happened before; I don’t do this type of stuff usually. The funnier thing is that these two days could not have been more different.

Day 1

Main activity: going to the Supreme Court to register the name of my freelance business. It was a little silly to be in such a grandiose place for a trade that only has one client who signed for a few hours of my time. But I must admit it was a silly and feel good moment too.

Look: Zara suit jacket, anna-kaci harem cropped pants, Gant halter top, and reading glasses by Vera Wang

Food: a 3 courses lunch at Robert@MAD Museum, top floor, with my French friends Louis and Chloe from London. It was quite a heart-to-heart meal during which we honestly shared how fucked up we can be as parents and shared our bemusement at Americans and British parents. How come they never yell? We, French people, seem to have this motto: Discipline = Putain de merde, tu vas arreter, oui??? (Are you fucking going to stop or what?).

Funny anecdote: I came out of the Supreme Court and hundreds of people at the bottom of the stairs were screaming in
my face ‘we want justice‘ showing signs with a teenage black boy with a hoodie. Turns out I was in the middle of shooting for Law & Order. That was very scary, all this crowd….I don’t think I’ll ever have what it takes to be famous 🙂

Day 2

Main activity: taking care of L. All day.

Look: Stripe top, electric blue Kensie crepe trousers, H&M sunglasses

Food: Shrimp and cilantro wrap from Pret-a-Manger in Bryant Park with Archibald. The plan was to have a catch up during Archibald’s lunch break and watch L run around the lawn…We ended up running after L as he decided it was way more interesting to mess with people’s lunch. People were not amused. DH and I usually let our kids wander off so we can chat or drink some wine but often have to sprint at the last minute to get them out of mucky situations (e.g. getting licked by a dog, stealing people’s frapuccinos etc.). And people usually wonder with mixed concern and annoyance where the bloody parents are …

Funny anecdote: P & L were at the day care and I managed to get showered and be out of the house at 8.45 with L for a coffee run. It was the first time ever that I was ready that early with a kid in tow. A true miracle.

So what do you guys think? Day 1 or day 2?

Note: I realized I bought a XXL size belt…Bloody moron so I had to dig out my leather craft tools to make a hole. I guess my 5 weeks at Fashion Institute Technology in Accessories design 101 were not completely useless.

Note 2: in the ‘spot the differences’ game, who noticed the little man in the background trashing my white bedding with his shoes????
Back to back