Hello spleen, Halloween

I was going to write a thoughtful retrospective on my 5th Halloween celebration in the States and then, I got depressed. Not the big D, but sill gloomy, cranky, fussy, etc. It was cute to see the kids leave for the day with their nanny, very excited about wearing their costumes for the second timeContinue reading “Hello spleen, Halloween”

Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm – part One

When¬†hurricane Irene¬†came, DH and I argued about whether to duct tape our windows or not. Irene did affect our lives, though not by flooding our apartment in Harlem: we got bored, we drank and we probably conceived L then. When hurricane Sandy came, half of Manhattan turned pitch black and was flooded. In our smallContinue reading “Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm – part One”