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Mood of the day : green day

There are things I think I know about myself. But once I started to do a brutal and honest reality check, I realized that some things turned out to be completely untrue.  Among other things, false truths include:
– I do well on my own.
I always fancied talking about myself as an independent woman. Truth to be told I have lived on my own for about a month in my whole life.  I left my family home to share an apartment with my sister, sleep at some kind of boarding school, live in a studio for a month before shacking up in future DH’s student accommodation, experience 4 years of different flat shares and finally move in with fiancé now also known as DH. So from now, I will shut it up when people start talking about solitude because I seriously know shit about it.
– I do not have a sweet tooth.
For most of my childhood and adult life, my only saving grace when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight was that I hated sweet food: cakes, chocolate, candies, pastries etc. But both my pregnancies have screwed it up for me.  Last week, as I was baking my 3rd cake in 5 days I stopped in the middle of whipping my dough and thought: ‘fucking hell, I am a sugar addict’. I almost cried.
– I do not wear green.
As I was trying to sort out my wardrobe, I realized that I own a hell lot of green stuff: tops, jackets, accessories etc. How come? Who bought all that stuff ? Anyway today is my ‘Green’ coming out. I DO love green, yes I DO.Harem pants, top with cute and practical back zipper by Loft, wedge platform sandals by Moda Spana, suede bag by Balenciaga (I adore how Balenciaga bags age well), and a jacket by Just jeans.On a side note, did you know that bamboo plants regrew from the inside? They are branching out from within and are shedding their yellow outer bark to show vivid green shoots and leaves. It is magical and somewhat poetic. I have thus decided that Bamboo was now my floral emblem.

Green day