Mood of the day

This is where I will be talking about whatever I feel like wearing on that day…

This is my journey through re styling myself as a mum of three with little time and cash to prance around with designer wardrobe.It is about me trying to figure out  how to hide cleverly the added curves and stretch marks and how to run after my little brats in style. This section is likely to be a compilation of rants, ‘oh I wish I had this cute fascinator’ moments and tales of fashion misses and hits. It is also about having fun and I hope other ladies will share the fun.

Wedding hair piece

About my style

I was not too sure about how to describe my style without sounding pompous so I asked the people who have known me since  I was a child with lots of acne and facial hair, dreaming that Madonna was my mother.

Here’s what they had to say:

My sister S1 (style: Romantic boho): ‘glamourous, stylish, “avant gardiste” (cutting edge), preppy, cool’

My brother S3 (style: Latin meets Hip Hop lover) : ‘kitsch and classy at the same time, a true original’

My brother S4 (style: Street rap Geek): ???

 My sister S5 (style: Urban and brands only): ‘stylish, chic and cheap, modern, cool, casual’

and finally my Dear Husband (style: metrosexual in love with his college and corporate Tees and polos) :’elegant and unique’

I am not sure if this gives you any idea at all of what I am about but I am just glad no one said ‘Jersey Shore’.

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