Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm – part One

When hurricane Irene came, DH and I argued about whether to duct tape our windows or not. Irene did affect our lives, though not by flooding our apartment in Harlem: we got bored, we drank and we probably conceived L then. When hurricane Sandy came, half of Manhattan turned pitch black and was flooded. In our smallContinue reading “Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm – part One”

Being a ‘normal’ family

As I was waiting for someone to help me get my stroller down the stairs at the Rockfeller Center because the elevator to the platform was down I saw one poster announcing a new show on NBC: ‘the new normal’. Intriguing. ‘The New normal‘ seems to be about gay parenthood via surrogacy. National broadcast isContinue reading “Being a ‘normal’ family”

Help, I need somebody, help!!! (the screechy Bananarama version)

I am having a meltdown about the mess in my house. I have grown accustomed to releasing control over the state of my living room. Over the last two years I have tamed my obsession for minimalist design to accept the presence of a toy chest, which when closed was a rather stylish bench. ThisContinue reading “Help, I need somebody, help!!! (the screechy Bananarama version)”

Harlem, Harlem: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere

Years ago when I was thinking about how my life with kids would look like here’s what I imagined: – a house off Northcote road aka Nappy Valley in London, a street where moms wear UGG boots, sip skinny lattes, have straight long hair and look like boho chic models – me strolling my newbornContinue reading “Harlem, Harlem: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”

Beach trek

As labor day week end approached so did the daunting end of the summer. Soon we would stop sweating, panting and having a $300 monthly electricity bill due to the air conditioning being constantly on. $300! It is more than 10 brunches with unlimited mimosas…It is thus a cause for mass celebration. Typically New YorkersContinue reading “Beach trek”