Mood of the day: hand-me-down

I have been obsessed with secondhand clothing since I was a little girl. It started as a necessity because my folks could not afford brand new clothes for 5 kids. It then became an addiction to the endless possibilities that already worn garment offers: shapes, periods, styles etc. I remember that as a child, everyContinue reading “Mood of the day: hand-me-down”

One: happy birthday redlipstickmama

Birthdays freak me out because of the general expectation that one should celebrate, the anguished analysis of what happened (or did not happen) the year before, and the stressful task of looking ahead and trying to figure out realistically how many years you have left in your life to ‘make it’. Plus, I always hadContinue reading “One: happy birthday redlipstickmama”

Don’t touch, it’s my ‘zizi’

Preliminary note: if adult themes make you uncomfortable, you might want to skip this one.  G, P and L, if this blog is still up and running when you can read, definitely skip this one!  Two things make me shriek, turn red, and want to disappear forever: porn movies and masturbation.  I have never watchedContinue reading “Don’t touch, it’s my ‘zizi’”

Working mama: Emily

From time to time, when the endless reworking of my resume is getting too depressing I entertain myself with the idea that one day I’ll make money by offering accessories to make women feel strong and fabulous. More realistic goal is to keep creating, I guess. This post found on the blog laptop on theContinue reading “Working mama: Emily”

Vacation in the Green Mountain State

Vacation is often nice because it is when you relax and you let go of your every day teething problems, when it is actually OK not to shower every day and when sweat pants do not mean being a slob but a laid back girl. It also often breaks the Ugly-you free… . All inContinue reading “Vacation in the Green Mountain State”

Mood of the day: Blanc

Saturday was an odd combination of ‘oh yeah’, ‘oh no’ and ‘what the hell???’ The snow everyone has been waiting for since December has finally arrived. I expected to be underwhelmed here in Harlem because we have been pretty spared by Irene and Frankestorm. It is like living in a little island. However, the waitContinue reading “Mood of the day: Blanc”