Letter to 10 year-old redlipstickgirl

Here’s the second installment of my ‘Letter to redlipstickgirl’ series (you can read the first letter here) which is me talking to my younger self. A tad indulgent, I know but so much fun to revisit my childhood memories. This post was triggered by my daughter, P. P has a bag for her ‘stuff’. HerContinue reading “Letter to 10 year-old redlipstickgirl”

Letter to teenage redlipstickgirl

Come on girls Do you believe in love? ‘Cause I got something to say about it And it goes something like this Madonna A fun and moving letter by Jhanis to her 7 year old self and this beautiful response from Stephen Fry to a letter 16 year-old Stephen wrote to his future self inspiredContinue reading “Letter to teenage redlipstickgirl”