Vacation in the Green Mountain State

Vacation is often nice because it is when you relax and you let go of your every day teething problems, when it is actually OK not to shower every day and when sweat pants do not mean being a slob but a laid back girl. It also often breaks the Ugly-you free… . All inContinue reading “Vacation in the Green Mountain State”

Holiday season: final part

The holiday season in the US is insanely long. It starts the week before Thanksgiving and ends on 2nd January. It is like a freaking marathon. A marathon where there is no winner because we all finish the race, fat, sick and shameful.  Here is the summary of my festivities and the lessons I have learned: –Continue reading “Holiday season: final part”

Holiday season: part One

DH and I absolutely love Thanksgiving. We don’t have it in France so when this holiday comes we relish it because basically it is all about food and wine and it is not Christmas yet. We thus still have time to: – figure out what gift to buy. My dream toy for the children isContinue reading “Holiday season: part One”