Mood of the day : green day

There are things I think I know about myself. But once I started to do a brutal and honest reality check, I realized that some things turned out to be completely untrue.  Among other things, false truths include: . – I do well on my own. I always fancied talking about myself as an independentContinue reading “Mood of the day : green day”

Mood of the day: the young and the restless

I don’t exactly know why I was obsessed with the word ‘young’ today. Possible reasons include: – I woke up with Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’ track in my head and have been humming the tune since. The fact that I know who Miley Cyrus is at my age is odd, the fact thatContinue reading “Mood of the day: the young and the restless”

Mood of the day: true blue

I woke up with a spleen. In fact, I have been waking up with a spleen for the last three days. Another good old shower could not wash away my gloominess so I wikipedia-ed ‘postpartum depression’. I finally self-diagnosed myself as not going through the big D. Note: It is stupid to self-diagnose when itContinue reading “Mood of the day: true blue”

Mood of the day: flowers

Spring has arrived. Finally. I do have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I am ecstatic about the fact that we will be able to unleash our children/puppies/vampires in our private patio so they can run around , break my plant containers or eat the sand until they pass out from exhaustion. TheContinue reading “Mood of the day: flowers”

Easter day trip: bye Carrie, hello Charlotte

When we get out of the City for a day outing, it is always eventful. Little we knew that our 40 minutes drive for Easter would take us a world away from our reality. A few million dollars away to be more precise. . Easter was a big affair this year. We got invited forContinue reading “Easter day trip: bye Carrie, hello Charlotte”

Working mama: mojo, mojo where are thou?

When I decided that this year would be the one I would go back to the work world, I was ecstatic. Of course, it only lasted the time of drinking my morning cafe au lait and looking at my tired eyes in the mirror of my wardrobe . Truth to be told, with L’s snortContinue reading “Working mama: mojo, mojo where are thou?”

Mood of the day: L’etudiante

I gave in to a very old addiction: enrolling into a class. I am officially a part-time student of NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. When growing up I was an excellent pupil who turned into a good high school student who turned into an average business student. I only excelled in Philosophy andContinue reading “Mood of the day: L’etudiante”

Mood of the day: Blanc

Saturday was an odd combination of ‘oh yeah’, ‘oh no’ and ‘what the hell???’ The snow everyone has been waiting for since December has finally arrived. I expected to be underwhelmed here in Harlem because we have been pretty spared by Irene and Frankestorm. It is like living in a little island. However, the waitContinue reading “Mood of the day: Blanc”

Mood of the day: biker mama

I finally managed to get L in our emergency day care to get a break from him at last. It was about time because I started to wonder whether he actually ever got out of my womb and if that C-section was just some kind of fantasy. He attached himself to my jeans’ hems. HeContinue reading “Mood of the day: biker mama”

Fashion babbling: the challenge – episode 2

It is time to review how far I got on my journey to being ME again. Since the last count, I have given or thrown away: – 4 maternity trousers/jeans (OK, they are still in a bag on my desk but I swear they will not make their way back to my closet…) – 2Continue reading “Fashion babbling: the challenge – episode 2”