Mood of the day: the Frenchie

Very strange weather. Last week I was boasting about New York’s Indian Summer to all my European mates and this week is a mix bag of rain, thunderstorms and tornados alerts, Fall breeze, hot and sunny afternoons etc… As the French say, ‘c’est n’importe quoi!’ (It’s anything…and everything). So I decided to just mix Summer andContinue reading “Mood of the day: the Frenchie”

Creative mama: Archer

After a quick start and a madly productive period, I dropped the ball with the Amateur Art August challenge…Almost 20 days have passed since I last finished something. It is not because I was lacking inspiration but it was blatantly because I lack skills. I basically spent 2 weeks thinking of a prototype for someContinue reading “Creative mama: Archer”

Mood of the day: back to back

It has been a while since I have done a MOTD post and the reason is simple: in the last 2 weeks I have been looking like a hobbit on most days and when I was not, I had to rush out of the house because I was late for this or for that. IContinue reading “Mood of the day: back to back”

Creative mama: Sandrine

I cannot believe I am still part of the Amateur Art August challenge. I seriously thought I was going to drop out after the first week but that’s the beauty of the blogosphere, you get to ‘meet’ women from all over the world who, despite being sick and/or trying to juggle everything, stuck to theirContinue reading “Creative mama: Sandrine”

Working mama: Clemence and fireflies

I have been in a mental slump since returning from our vacation in France hence the frenetic blogging. Apologies to all my readers for becoming that emotionally needy mess and for ‘postifying’ you! However, this week I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is nothing like a solar beam;Continue reading “Working mama: Clemence and fireflies”

Fashion babbling: what to pack on vacation part 2

2 hours left before the big departure and we have: 2 suitcases 1 suit bag 5 cabin luggage (including 1 diaper bag, 1 kids entertainment bag and a foodie bag) 2 strollers And a baby carrier This is not going to work. How are we going to carry sleeping babies into the air craft withContinue reading “Fashion babbling: what to pack on vacation part 2”

Fashion babbling: what to pack on vacation part 1

I described the challenge of packing a stylish vacation wardrobe with now 3 kids in tow. So I looked for some inspirations, this blog post by Ain’t no mom jeans is particularly useful. I also decided to curb my fashion schizophrenia by adopting only one look for the entire vacation: the 40s. The idea isContinue reading “Fashion babbling: what to pack on vacation part 1”

Mood of the day: Grecian cabin girl

The last week end was the hottest of the year so far. And as a true Lao, with the burning sun and the humidity, I was right in my natural element…or NOT. Truth to be told, I do not know how to use chopsticks and I am a sweating mess when it is above 75Continue reading “Mood of the day: Grecian cabin girl”

Mood of the day: the young and the restless

I don’t exactly know why I was obsessed with the word ‘young’ today. Possible reasons include: – I woke up with Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’ track in my head and have been humming the tune since. The fact that I know who Miley Cyrus is at my age is odd, the fact thatContinue reading “Mood of the day: the young and the restless”

Mood of the day: I’m like a bird by Nelly Furtado

I knew I wanted to have some kind of hunting/pheasant feel for my 37th birthday outfit – the 18th I am celebrating with DH who was born on the exact same day. It is weird to think that we are like twins who have twins. Thank god for L’s arrival which disrupted our slightly freakishContinue reading “Mood of the day: I’m like a bird by Nelly Furtado”