Dream and reality

After a crazy day running after the kids in Central Park zoo punctuated by two changes of filthy diapers on a bench between sea lions and Rainforest birds, we strolled down Fifth Avenue. I almost choke on the legendary store windows of Bergdorf Goodman, which is celebrating its 111th anniversary. An amazing story of theContinue reading “Dream and reality”

Mood of the day: activist

I woke up pissed off after talking about the presidential elections with friends. I am a mother of three and proud to say that what a woman does with her unwanted fetus is her business. Up to now I have lived in countries where this right was respected and here this right is challenged, spatContinue reading “Mood of the day: activist”

Mood of the day: turban

Summer is over and yeah to Fall, the perfect season to unleash my favorite style: mix and match, schizophrenic and basically the ‘everything goes’ attitude. And for me, it starts with the head. It is too chilly to let my wet hair dry on its own (hair drying is a vague memory of my childContinue reading “Mood of the day: turban”

From diaper bag to laptop bag

The last bag I bought was end of 2010. It was not a large YSL clutch, Mulberry Baywater or Alexander Wang Coco Duffel. It was a diaper bag. I did not it know it then, but it was perhaps the one item in my bag collection about which I could say this: it saved myContinue reading “From diaper bag to laptop bag”