Pet peeves

My week has been an odd mix of work related meetings, a boozy dinner with my hot mama girlfriends (which I am still struggling to recover from), a delightful visit from a friend whom I last saw at my wedding 10 years ago and the sad realization that I have become the latest war hatchet between my sons. Their daily fights have been pretty much as described below:

G: she is my mama
L is scratching G’s face.
G: go away she is mine !
L is strangling me to prove that I am his property
G: Stop!!! And whacks L’s head out
Me? In my head, I am singing the opening verse of that Whitney Houston song that says:
‘I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside’ bla blabla

Weird week, one minute I was all pumped up by my girlfriends (after 2 bottles of red wine) and very ready to conquer the world or at least Corporate America and the next minute, I am stomping my feet on my bathroom floor almost crying and thinking of cutting out my belly fat. I have been on a healthier diet for 10 days but actually gained 5lbs! It’s probably all the binge eating during the President’s Day week end. 4 toddler play dates in 3 days explain the amount of comfort food. (Note: as I am writing this ranting post on my iPhone with my left hand, my right hand is stuffing my mouth with Lao Larb gai. Redlipstickmama style).

I also haven’t written all week and I missed it a lot. It has really become my safe haven. However, today the only thing that I want to talk about is the stuff that has been getting under my skin lately. Nothing death threatening or serious, just stuff that bothered me and that for some reason still bothers me when I think of it. I am being very childish about them and often rant on my own, in my own head so I thought it might be a sane thing to share these and get it over with. Here’s my top 4 pet peeves (this week). I tried to go for a more ‘Top something’ number like my ‘Top 5′ but I could not find a fifth one; my life must be way nicer than I thought. Anyway, here’s the list:

– parents who dress their babies and tots with College Tshirts (Harvard, Yale, Princeton of course…). I mean, of course you should be proud of attending such prestigious institutions but actually labeling your child like this? It really bothers me. I mean, C’mon the poor thing still poops in diapers and probably thinks that their mobile is actually an entire fucking solar system. What if the kid is a drop out, will they look at the onesie and think:’yeah I did my old folks proud’? It actually got worse. The other day I saw a tot wearing a tee shirt saying ‘Palo Alto’…Seriously.

– finding crap in my shoes. When I leave my apartment (and my kids behind), there’s something resembling a breeze of fresh air that seems to be going through my entire body. I am so giddy to get time on my own and then bang my toes touch something unorthodox and I go absolutely nuts. I really do because I have to remove my foot, often clean my sock, and start an in-depth search for what is now bloody delaying my freedom! I have previously found: lip balms, grapes, chocolate chip cookies, banana, wooden toys, baby socks, a baby boot, used facial tissues and my absolute favorite, DH’s underwear.

– dog owners who don’t pick up their dogs’ poop because it has snowed. What is wrong with people? Snow is NOT magic powder making shit disappear, transforming Harlem into Lapland and turning my organic butcher into freaking Santa Claus (his tenderloin is still pricey). Poop is everywhere. So here I am taking my kids out after the snow storm and they are understandably frantic after being stuck inside for so long. They run towards pristine hills of fresh snow until they actually choke from my pulling them away by their hoods just before they dive into a pile of poop. Them being dirty is one thing but L actually eats and licks snow and ice from the street behind my back. Ewww.

– L grabbing my boobs. It has never been cute for me but now it is infuriating. It is non stop, night and day, 100 hundred times a day. He tries and tries to get his hands into my bra and I really refrain hard from screaming:‘these are my boobs! I let you borrow them for a while when you needed food but it is OVER now’. He is getting bolder too…More recently, he has been caught several times trying to get his foot into my panties. I have a very strong sense of ‘my body is mine’ and this little boy is pushing me right now. I caught myself looking at him sideways this week wondering if I should really worry about him but then, I saw him licking cookie crumbs off the floor and concluded that he probably had not yet understood that he was not a little puppy and that my name was not Lassie.

Anything that really annoys you these days?

Some pics from White Central Park and me rolling down a slope (and hurting my neck…a little)









13 thoughts on “Pet peeves

  1. Oh… well, on the upside you did get some nice shots. Hope there wasn’t any dog poo in that lump of snow and kind of wishing I’d read your post before showing the pictures to the kids and giving them ideas about eating snow, when sometimes there’s dog stuff in it.

    Hope next week is less of a roller coaster. It does sound like Mum needs some alone time.

    1. Hihi I rather not think about what could have been found in that lump. It s New York, everything is possible…plus the temperature has gotten milder in the last 2 days so the snow has melted and all this poop. Yikes. Yes, let’s hope for a steadier next week! Xo

  2. Awww! I know how you feel. I am in the stage where all my kids fight over me. Its awful since the twins need to hold on to me to stand and they would rather stand than sit so I am constantly being used like a piece of furniture. I barely eat and when I finally get to have my bowl of cereal I have the two of them trying to grab handfuls out of the bowl (even though I am already sharing with them) and the two dogs behind them! I just keep telling myself it won’t last forever and I will miss it when it’s gone. In the end, its about all the better things your precious energy can be used for rather than being angry or frustrated right? (At least that’s what I try to tell myself LOL)

    1. Yes choosing my battles has always been a life saver and I am usually quite good at sheltering myself from unnecessary stress. I think I am getting old in my head or crazy. Or both in fact. Some days I am partly meditating with my eyes open while the three of them fight over a restaurant bill receipt (?) when suddenly I start (silently) ranting about random stuff. It does kind of make me chuckle on my own. I am demented.

  3. After reading that I have a big smile on my face and life suddenly looks quite rosy! – re crap in shoes..I did read it as proverbial crap..we did have an incident when the dog managed to poo in Bella’s furry boot……xxxxx

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