Hello spleen, Halloween

I was going to write a thoughtful retrospective on my 5th Halloween celebration in the States and then, I got depressed. Not the big D, but sill gloomy, cranky, fussy, etc. It was cute to see the kids leave for the day with their nanny, very excited about wearing their costumes for the second time this week but we are not doing anything particular tonight. I just decided to be a party pooper. Enough.

When I moved here, I was so excited about Halloween because I am a sucker for costumes; any excuse to dress up crazier than usual. And New York was just the perfect place, I was sure of it! I now realize that when you have kids, people celebrate Halloween for a whole freaking month! In fact this year, the kids wore me down so much that I had to skip our very own building’s party. I could not take it anymore: L’s overexcitement and rolling on the floor, P’s stealing of candies or anything that had some sugar in it, G’s throwing his Woody’s (Toy Story) hat everywhere and pulling my skirt to hide every time there is a ghost like costume around. To top it off, I caught myself staring at the floor for 5 (or was it 10)  minutes in silence while the three of them were pulling my skin, my hair, my limbs…That’s enough spookiness for the week, I’d say.

In our household, we give candies away but don’t go around for Trick or Treat. I am not sure why. Maybe it is the number of DH’s dental fillings due to candy eating or maybe I am a pure sadist sugar stuffing the children for their parents to suffer from hyperactivity like I do suffer…every day. In fact, perhaps I do not need a costume after all because today, my friendly and caring stay at home mom persona is the best superhero gear I could find out there.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

2009, our only kids free Halloween party

Halloween 1

2010, NO PIC because I probably looked like a sleeping whale (heavily pregnant with the twins and on bedrest).

2011, coercing the kids to wear their first Halloween costumes and internally freaking out because I had recently learned I was pregnant…again.

Halloween 2

2012, the Sandy storm Halloween, cabin fever, P got really freaked out by Halloween for about 6 months after that


2013, Lots of fun, first family pumpkin carving,  first family parade, first costume made by Moi (Tinkerbell’s skirt)


picstitch (1)

13 thoughts on “Hello spleen, Halloween

    1. Looking back at those pics the first thing I thought was: cannot believe I had almost 2 spare hours to get into a costume, apply make up and wig…this year I only had 5 minutes for my queen of Naboo look 🙂

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