You’ve been redlipsticked, Christisdevil

In the first episode of my series You’ve been redlipsticked that features people in my life who inspire me, I am introducing Christisdevil for obvious reasons.

He was my first. In the darkness of his childhood bedroom, we played games, listened to cheesy 80s tunes while discovering the inner parts of our souls. He was my first…gay BFF. And before you start thinking that I was his first and only straight sexual experience, teenage thrusting was not happening in his bedroom. Instead, we would play with lighting and his mom’s wardrobe and my sister and I would attempt to enact the vision his twisted mind had created. He would arm himself with his camera and shoot all afternoon.

We, the tee total virgin sisters, would pretend to smoke, drink, be men and hookers or both at the same time. We would do the scene again and again until my body ached. For someone as bossy as I was already then, it was unnatural to be so obedient to anyone let alone to a skinny and overly shy and insecure kid with the thickest glasses I have ever seen in my life. But that was Chris, a shadow in real life who would turn into an Hitlerian creative director.  And when we were taking breaks to eat cookies and drink a glass of milk, we would beg him to sketch ethereal creatures with beautiful dresses, fur coats and women tuxedos.  Pages and pages of dream women whom he wished he could fall in love with  and whom I wished I could look like .Twenty years later, he is the same Chris. Skinny and overly insecure. And I still dig every thing that comes out of his brain: photography, painting, drawing…

Could he be one of the best? Who knows? But,  he is for sure the first person who showed me that creation is a bitch because she will always leave you hungry and unsatisfied but that every now and then  that bitch shines a kick ass light on your darkest moments. And for this, I will always be thankful.

Below a sketch  for a collection called When Andy meets Alfred that got him into a fashion design school this year as he finally decides to take a leap of faith. I am telling you guys, it is NEVER too late!


He also submitted himself to my redlipstipmama questioning and answered my questions with images…Typical.

My mood of the day:
1 Marilyn-Sleeping
My fashion challenge:
2 alexander-mcqueen
Activist me (what pisses me off):
My favorite item of clothing:
It’s not fashionable, but I like:
What I see when I look in the mirror:
My too much to handle moment:
7 I love myself when:
When I grow up I want to be:
My most vidid memory of my mom

6 thoughts on “You’ve been redlipsticked, Christisdevil

  1. Those sketches are just fabulous!

    I have noticed most creative people lack self-belief. The constant reaching for better/more is probably what makes them great creators.

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