Creative mama: Archer

After a quick start and a madly productive period, I dropped the ball with the Amateur Art August challenge…Almost 20 days have passed since I last finished something. It is not because I was lacking inspiration but it was blatantly because I lack skills. I basically spent 2 weeks thinking of a prototype for some removable cuffs and then I finally got into action. Blimey. I realized that even though I really want it, I am not Stella McCartney. Terrible design. Terrible choice of materials. Terrible pattern. Terrible construction. Usually when I create something, it is is an original piece as in ‘look closely at it because you will never see me doing this piece ever again’. It is not snobbery; it is just that I usually have no fucking clue how I got there.  I just wing it.

The key problem with my latest creation was simple: 2 arms, 2 wrists, 2 bloody identical (preferably) cuffs. So yep, totally outside of my comfort zone. Anyway here is my ‘Archer’ piece, tribute to Archibald who was on my ass for the last 10 days  saying ‘Just do it woman, just do it!!!!’.

I cut 2 pieces of soft leather, pleated flannel animal printed fabric with tulle material, and stitched the whole thing together. Then I finished with some golden snaps so the back of the snaps can be seen to add some edge.  I tried them on a long sleeved black top and underneath a men’s jacket. Oh well, let’s hope they’ll last until the end of Fall. Also, it is clearly not suitable for when eating soups.

Lessons I need to apply for my future projects include:

– I have to learn how to use my sewing machine because hand stitching is NOT always a good idea especially if you sew like a drunken sailor walks.

– Because your hand stitching sucks, try to find some ‘forgiving materials’ that won’t show every screw up you make. For example, ‘varnished’ animal prints are a NO-NO, OK?

– There is no way to make shortcuts to cut your leather properly. It takes time. Yes it sucks but that’s the way it is. You need to clean your cutting board, use it with a sharp blade and stop using a pair of scissors to cut leather as if you were doing some friggin’ paper Origami.

I think this is my last piece as part of the August challenge, I had fun and hopefully my creative streak will remain alive. Thanks to my fellow bloggers who took part in the challenge:

Archer 2

11 thoughts on “Creative mama: Archer

    1. Thanks, dear!!! You are so funny. The thing is that in my head it was going to be very nice and then all I can see is the holes in the fabric and the fraying, bla bla bla. Will still wear it at least once or until the kids start tearing the tulle apart by hanging onto it hihihi

  1. Not that my personal taste are of particular importance to anyone but me, but I like the cuffs. I think there very cool and dandy-like. A nice throw back to the grandeur of Versailles easily blended with a modern outfit.
    Well done. As for the sewing… well there is a say about people in glass houses…

    1. Mr R, your opinion actually matters a lot since you boast a very dandy like style yourself! I like your description and might use this if I ever develop cuffs 2.0 🙂 big kisses to you and über stylish Mrs R.

  2. Hi Red, I’m thinking of doing a wrap-up post for Art in August (I know, it’s October – so embarrassing!). I was thinking, it would look nice if I chose an art work from each participant and made a nine-panel mosaic of the pictures (not sure yet how to do this, but I’m willing to give it a try!)

    I want to check first that I have your permission to reproduce one of your images on my blog. I will rig it so that clicking on the image will take the reader to your post. I’m not sure yet which art work I will choose – I have a few favourites!

    Let me know what you think,. If you don’t manage to get back to me, I will assume all is well and post away, though I will take it down as soon as you ask me, of course!

    1. Hello, of course! Looking forward to seeing the wrap up. Also thanks again for starting the challenge. I promised I would keep my production rhythm but haven’t done anything in the last month !!!! Grrr

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