Working mama: Clemence and fireflies

I have been in a mental slump since returning from our vacation in France hence the frenetic blogging. Apologies to all my readers for becoming that emotionally needy mess and for ‘postifying’ you! However, this week I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is nothing like a solar beam; it’s more like fireflies floating in the dark but still, it is something. I can feel it.

First, I might soon sign my first contract as a freelance consultant for a start up. No big money here but a very exciting collaboration with some really good peeps (professionally and humanely). Can you believe that this might be the first time in 3 years that I am getting paid for using my brain? It’s not volunteering, it’s not caring for my household, it’s not about crafts…So yeah, I am chuffed. This firefly is a kick ass firefly or what??

Second, I mentioned taking part in an Amateur Art August challenge started by Katelikestocreate. And ideas started to mushroom in my head right, left and center. I then discovered that a few others have joined in and thought: ‘shit, I really have to do this now, don’t I? No more contemplating of scarfs, hats, necklaces etc. Chop, chop, woman, and get your dusty craft supplies case out!’

To fulfill my pledge, on this first day of August I am finishing the hat I created for my French girlfriend, Clemence. It is made of felt which I shaped by creating 2 folds on a balsa block and trimmed into a 30s style cloche hat . I curved 3 strands of blue ribbon with a hot flat iron so they softly follow the tilt of the hat and finished with a feather trimming. The head size is maintained by a hand stitched lilac ribbon. Et Voila !

I tried to emulate Clemence’ s elegance and taste for chic but alternative details while celebrating her very blue eyes. What is awesome about her is that she is quite an entrepreneur who started a successful French bakery with now 2 premises in New Jersey from scratch and while being heavily preggers. Disgusting 🙂 She is a true an inspiration to me. A human firefly.

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6 thoughts on “Working mama: Clemence and fireflies

    1. Thanks!!! Yes that is my favorite feature that slant and the contrast between ribbon and felt too. I hope it’ll fit or I’ll have to keep it for myself 🙂
      Getting very exciting about your challenge, thanks for kicking this off!

  1. Oh the hat envy. I wish I were half as talented as you! And I wish I could wear such fancy hats well! Oh well. I’ll stick to my beat up baseball hat.

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