We are legal

‘Things have come to a pretty pass
Our romance is growing flat,
For you like this and the other
While I go for this and that,

Goodness knows what the end will be
Oh I don’t know where I’m at
It looks as if we two will never be one
Something must be done’

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald

A lot of people would be surprised if they knew that DH and I called it off a record 40 times or so. It became such a joke between us that we chose ‘Let’s call the whole thing off’ as the opening dance for our wedding 9 years ago. A total disaster. No one should attempt to learn a dance routine in 4 days by watching clips of Ginger Kelly and Fred Astaire. Plus it was the hottest day of the year so it was more like Ginger Sweaty and Fred Burning Red…

I am a little freaked out by this year’s anniversary. I am weirded out by the fact that we have been ‘together’ for 18 years. In other words, when we first kissed some babies were born and now these babies are reaching the age of majority: they may marry, enter contracts, own property, vote in elections, serve in the military, drive automobiles, purchase tobacco products and consume alcohol (at least in Europe). We are soooo old. In 2 years, we will be 40 and we will have spent more years together than apart. Wow.

Despite all this, I still don’t know DH’s favorite color or his ‘Top 3 songs of all time’. It is one of those weird things about people you grow up with, they are like inside you with their roots and branches. You feel them rather than learn about them like you would learn a book, I suppose. Something weird happens over time though. DH and I always think of each other just seconds before one calls or emails the other. It happens every day. We tried to rationalize this: perhaps unbeknowst to us we have developed an obscure algorithm that triggers routine ‘What’s up, babe?’ checks… It must be indeed mathematical because I don’t believe in soul mates. Yep, I don’t believe in L-O-V-E destiny despite the fact that DH and I were born on the exact same day in the same year. Creepy, right? It’s all about work, hard work. Worthwhile work if you are a little lucky. So for next year, I promise I will know DH’s favorite movie…or at the very least whether he prefers white peaches or green figs.

Happy Anniversary, DH!

Pic from our infamous dance. Dress by my fashion designer cousin.


7 thoughts on “We are legal

  1. I remember it like it was yesterday. The best wedding dance, the most amorous couple, what a fabulous celebration! Happy anniversary to two special people who should always be together. Lots of love.
    P.s- and yes, I’m still reminiscing (& laughing) about that day on the 319 heading to Kings Rd when you showed me the swatch of silk for your wedding dress!!x

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