Happy Mother’s day

The best gift I had for Mother’s day: yesterday, a stranger, with stacks of professional drums, letting us with our two strollers and 3 kids get into the elevator at West 4th subway stop and saying:” Always moms first, happy Mother’s day!”. One second later, torrential rain broke out… As we got off the elevator with dry kids, I saw the musician with all his ruined equipment pulling down his cart down slippery stairs. And I am telling you this, in a city where people don’t give up their seats for pregnant women this stranger was a god send.

In order to celebrate all the mamas everywhere, here’s my ‘top 5 crap my kids did or said recently’. Hopefully it makes you laugh, feel better or/and pour yourself a well deserved glass of Champagne.

1- When G tries to help me put his erected willy into his diaper, he pushes his ‘friend’down and says: ‘Shushhhh, go to bed. C’mon, bye bye now.’

2- P and L were screaming and whining and I was pretending not to listen to them. Meanwhile G looked unfazed at the whole scene while eating his breakfast. Suddenly he looked at me and said with his thumb up: god job mom, good job. If he was being sarcastic, then the three of them are truly evil.

3- P woke her dad up this morning and found him half-naked. She went to open his closet to pick up some underwear and said:Come daddy, come with me to the living room but I don’t want you to pee on the floor.

4- P smacked her then 6 months old little brother real bad and as I yelled at her, she cooly responded: ‘but he was drooling’…

5- P when patting my ‘ab-less’ belly up and down makes a sound ‘boing, boing’. I used to think it was cute until I saw her jump on a trampoline, she smiled at me and yelled ‘boing,boing’. I will let you reach your own conclusion…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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