Mood of the day: flowers

Spring has arrived. Finally. I do have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I am ecstatic about the fact that we will be able to unleash our children/puppies/vampires in our private patio so they can run around , break my plant containers or eat the sand until they pass out from exhaustion. The extra outdoor activities will hopefully tire them…Probably wishful thinking though because these kids decided that sleeping was just not for them. And they keep finding new tricks to get out of bed: they are crashing into our adult dinner time pretending they have pooped, they are removing each other’s diapers for fun, or  they come into the living room pretending they want to hug us and then when the deal is done, they climb onto the sofa and candidly ask to watch TV. Pure Evil.
3 vampire babies, 2 zombie parents, the fight is still on. Any bets on who is going to make it alive?
On the other hand, Springtime also means the return of the Piñata I.e. me wearing shapeless colorful prints trying to hide my extra weight (by the way I officially dropped the post pregnancy mention before ‘weight to lose’). I have never looked great with Spring fashion. Being short and behaviorally retarded (I have just watched the first season of One Tree Hill at age 37, embarrassing) make people use the word ‘cute’ if I wear anything made of chiffon or that has ruffles. Ewww. And when I wear flower prints, well…I usually look exactly like my mom. Double ewww.Here’s what I managed to put together for my plants shopping at Union Square flowers’ market:
Lime eye shadow, Hoss Intropia statement necklace that I love so much that I keep ‘repairing’ using brooches, ribbons etc, red Jellypop pumps, dark flowers print tunique and leggings (mainly because I still did not manage to wax my legs pfff).Flowers 1

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