Fashion babbling: the challenge – episode 3

The verdict day has arrived. If you expected the conclusion to be like a feel good American movie when the social misfit has a standing ovation or the ugly girl next doors is metamorphosed into a Elite agency model and bags the IT boy, you will be highly disappointed.I have not won my challenge: I have only lost 13lbs and still have 15lbs to drop. I thought that I would be a couple of pounds off and was planning to get my very long hair cut – diapers’ budget took over hairdressing budget, sad reality- and stop drinking water for 24 hours to make the finish lane but 15lbs???Oh well…I guess I still have the deadline of the daunting summer in Europe by the pool near always skinny Tess and my now skinny little sister. Dang.The icing on the cake is that it is Fashion Week in the city and more than ever there will be skinny and leggy 20-something strutting down the streets in trendy outfits. I mean, where do they even come from? Are there some kind of special pods stored in Chelsea warehouses in which they are procreated, groomed but obviously not fed, and then released for Fashion -depressing-Week?

My old self would have avoided the Meatpacking district, the Fashion District or the Lincoln center aka the Fashion Aliens Headquarters for the week for self-preservation. But redlipstickmama decided to embrace for the first time NYC Fashion Week: meaning getting appropriately dressed, strutting my post-pregnancy belly (by the way, out of curiosity after how many years are we no longer allowed to use ‘post-pregnancy’ as an excuse for over weight? Just being curious, that’s all…I DO intend to lose that weight. For real.) being on the look out for inspirational styles for my readers. Stay tuned.

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