Mood of the day: biker mama

I finally managed to get L in our emergency day care to get a break from him at last. It was about time because I started to wonder whether he actually ever got out of my womb and if that C-section was just some kind of fantasy. He attached himself to my jeans’ hems. He is strong and will not surrender so I sometimes walk pulling him across the room. I should probably put some detergent free cleaner on his bib and mope the floor – that would be handy. As I was getting ready for the day, I had to rush into the kids’ room to help my overwhelmed nanny because G decided that two year was a good age to start kickboxing and destroy his crib. That is when my planned stress free day turned into a ‘breath deeply once, breath deeply twice session’. G punched me twice and then spat on me smugly. S-P-A-T. Where has my lovely boy gone and who is this hooligan? Disrespect is a NO, hell NO and he did hear the wrath of the redlipstickmama. This inspired me for a very tough look for the day: stripe top, faux-fur, shiny biker jacket, peacock feather print scarf, teal eye shadow and studded boots by Celine. I usually do not mix stripes and feathers but what the heck I just got spat on!

Of course, I did not plan that I was going to lunch with DH at his very corporate and conservative styled work cafeteria (which has by the way an amazing view). People apparently kept staring. DH said they must be wondering which department of the bank you are actually working for…Awkward.

biker mama

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