Getting dumped sucks

I have never been dumped by a lover or been fired by a boss. DH never got fired either. We thus have a pretty good combined record when it comes to lasting the distance. This has to count for something, right? Apparently, not so much. Our student babysitter has been MIA since the New Year. The last time we saw her, she was going back home for the winter break and was tearing up because she was going to miss the kids SO much. We were surprised but reassured. I mean, the poor girl was helping us 2-3 nights a week with the dinner and bath time routine also known as ‘kids, stop throwing the food on the other side of the room. Kids, stop run around naked screaming. Kids, stop drowning each other’ routine. It is priceless to have an extra pair of hands during that Texas chainsaw massacre like hour and half. That is why DH and I have been counting the days for her grand return. Instead, 2 SMS and one email went unanswered. In the dating world, I am sure it pretty means something like: I am not in to you and I don’t want to ever see you again. Get lost. PS: your breath stinks. In the dating world, you swallow your pride, move on and renew your subscription to the online dating service for another month. At least that is what sane people do.
I have three babies and have lost my sanity a long time ago. And with it every single ounce of pride so I waited five days and sent another email pretending we were all fine, casually (re)asking about when she would be back in town – I do realize that asking for the third time is anything but casual at this stage – and finished by the most pathetic trick: use my kids. ‘They miss you and cannot wait to read the new story books they got for Christmas with you. Love.’ I put all our five names; they are long names and take almost two lines altogether. C’mon, she has to appreciate the effort. Result: total failure. She ditched us. The little @$$$!!!!!
After an initial burst of rage, I started to wonder if I should get worried and perhaps she had some kind of accident. Instead of anger, I was feeling guilt and remorse. And then sadness. Why did she dump us? What did we do? Sure, P sometimes would hit her and scream at her for no reason and L would cry non stop when she gave him his bath…but there was still G. He loved her and was our secret weapon with her. Why didn’t she say anything if she was unhappy? Some friends offered me to contact their babysitters but I wanted to give her some time in case she came around. It has been two weeks and I finally came to my senses. She is G-O-N-E and I need relationship therapy or ice cream and booze. I am glad I have never been dumped before because this whole break up showed me that I had a tendency to become slightly masochist, totally delusional and definitely stupid.
How can someone break up with them? Note: I know, pictures don’t include sound nor food projectiles…
Our three monsters

6 thoughts on “Getting dumped sucks

  1. Are they actually cuddling in that picture, or did you interrupt a kind of three-way standoff? “Just keep smiling,” G says. ‘”Be cool, and no-one gets hurt.”

  2. Are they actually cuddling, or did you interrupt a stand-off? “That’s right, just keep smiling,” G says. “Everyone stay cool. She’ll leave when she gets a good shot.”

  3. You need to read the book “It’s Called A Break-up Because It’s Broken”. My friend gave it to me as I was still talking about my breakup after twice the number of years I was actually in the relationship.

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