Holiday season: part One

DH and I absolutely love Thanksgiving. We don’t have it in France so when this holiday comes we relish it because basically it is all about food and wine and it is not Christmas yet. We thus still have time to:

– figure out what gift to buy. My dream toy for the children is big, colorful and has a ‘get the heck out of my living room and disappear in the Teletubbies’ land’ button.

– decide what to tell the kids about Santa. My parents told me nothing about it and for years I thought Santa was a racist pig and only visited white kids…

– agree what traditions our family will have for the holiday season, which are likely to be a mix between my family alcohol filled/seafood affair/dancing party on 24th and DH’s proper opening of the presents followed by a civilized bird focused Christmas lunch on 25th. In other words with 3 babies in tow we might very well end up like a lot of Americans and hit the movies.

Anyway we invited over friends who did not get to go home: two Koreans, one Brit, three French and one Hungarian. We did add a little multicultural twist to the most American meal of the year. Asian devil eggs and sesame noodles as appetizers, no sausages but foie gras and apples for the stuffing, lots of cream in the mashed potatoes, a light but full flavored pumpkin tart from a great French bakery, Choc-O-Pain, forty years old Chrystal glasses and indeed, when only one gets broken despite seven wine bottles being emptied, you feel you have been bloody lucky.

Yes we love Thanksgiving and this year, the kids and their friend Thomas stayed up late to join our karaoke session destroying Dalida’s repertoire, one the most camp gay icon of the 80s in France. Needless to say that the four of them will need therapy.

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