Mood of the day: turkey ‘hunting’

I woke up with a major freak out – Thanksgiving was Thursday. I had been in a complete denial that I offered to, god knows why, host a Thanksgiving dinner. I started to panic about yams and stuffing and felt the need for an urban huntress vibe to face reality and finally collect the 13lbs turkey which had been waiting for me since Saturday at my local organic butcher (how BOHO of me).  I chose my favorite headpiece: bare buckram round with a vintage wooden bird brooch and brown feathers. I made it years ago when I did not know buckram was supposed to be covered in fabric…I left it like this anyway because I liked the rawness of it; which is why I also wore a lumberjack style top, worn out Italian leather gloves and my very warm and waterproof UGG winter boots to complete the outfit. I also took my little apprentice L, his acolyte Sophie La Giraffe for reinforcement and the best food cart ever: L’s stroller. Once I saw the size of turkey, I thought:

1- this bird is never gonna get into my oven
2- I need a drink
3- who is hosting Thanksgiving next year?

3 thoughts on “Mood of the day: turkey ‘hunting’

  1. I’m in love with your headpiece! why oh why didn’t I know about your blog earlier or even your talent in making headpieces?! I was looking for a headpiece with a bird on it for my wedding, and I couldn’t find anything that has wowed me as much as the one you have, it’s just the perfect one I would have loved to have, classy with an edge !!!! It’s such a shame that we’re not neighbor ;(

    1. I was very shy about this blog and then suddenly I thought what the heck and let people spread the word if they felt people might like it. It turns out that it made me (re)connect with a lot of people in interesting ways. As for the head pieces, same story need to find the gut to show what is my head 🙂 Would love to see pics of your wedding because you have always been classy with an edge!!!

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