Fashion babbling: the challenge

I have meant to write this post the very day I started my blog but I have been too much of a coward to do it. I have to be honest with myself and say it out loud: I have an addiction and it is time to kick it to the curb. I am a M.C.A i.e. a maternity clothing addict. G & P were born early 2011, L mid 2012 but I still owe and (pathetically) wear on a regular basis the following items
4 pairs of maternity jeans and trousers
2 maternity leggings
4 maternity dresses
At least 10 tops
and an embarrassingly number of bras and underpants which I will probably continue to buy until I die since I cannot see how I will be able to ever wear sexy lingerie again. The thought of running after my kids with a wedgie is very, very disturbing. Every time I try to throw something away, it finds its way back into my closet. My GAP maternity flare jeans literally spent one week on a bar stool, 10 mins on my trash can lid, 4 days on the bar stool, 1 day in the laundry basket and ended up back on the shelf of my wardrobe.

One of the reasons why I’m holding onto these is that  my maternity wardrobe cost me a fortune because I went through 4 maternity sizes during both my pregnancies and I feel horrible throwing all this money away. Yes 4 sizes…
Small: I showed very early on and after two months I could not fit in my ‘normal’ clothes anymore. In fact most people thought I was in my second trimester. It was OK though because I could still play with accessories to distract from my belly. It was all about layers and layers of necklaces, oversized bows, oversized brooches hats and headpieces.

Medium and large: I quickly went through various sizes and fittings and had to give up jeans and trousers altogether. Prints had to go, they became a NO-NO when I found myself almost crying when I tried on a flower dress and looked like a freaking piñata.

Extra large: yes, for a woman who used to be a US size 6 before getting preggers it is quite an achievement. By month 7 of my first pregnancy, I was walking like a penguin about to die and was rolling out of bed like a whale about to die. I could not even wear leggings anymore and had to settle for LBDs (Large Black Dresses). The last month of my twin pregnancy I had to cut my extra large underwear on the sides to release the tightness around my thighs. It was bad. I think I kept these underpants as trophies for about a month after the twins were born. I am demented.

Here’s a snapshot of my journey.

But the main reason I am dragging my feet and indulge myself in these worn out sweatpants is that I am absolutely terrified by the three boxes on the bottom shelf of my wardrobe. These boxes contain my old clothes including my favorite JBrand skinny jeans. From time to time I peek into the box, pretend I am going to try my jeans on but eventually close the box. Not ready for the reality check.

But mark my words, I by this post swear that by the end of the year I will no longer wear any of my maternity clothing. Not one piece.

4 thoughts on “Fashion babbling: the challenge

  1. Love it, was laughing out loud as I read and I know the feeling about the skinny jeans 🙂 keep blogging you are doing awesome x

  2. Hilarious! God I miss having you nearby, but love reading your posts! Brilliant writing, don’t stop.

    Start taking crack and don’t eat and soon you’ll be back in the JBrands!

    Love your friend down under (literally).xx

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