Mood of the day: activist

I woke up pissed off after talking about the presidential elections with friends. I am a mother of three and proud to say that what a woman does with her unwanted fetus is her business. Up to now I have lived in countries where this right was respected and here this right is challenged, spat upon and some people in some states do not even blink an eye. Enough of this war on women. Come on America, I believe in you… I wore my feminist Tee and accessorized the hell out with knee high boots – Go Warrior Mum!

3 thoughts on “Mood of the day: activist

  1. Let’s play together ! Spell with me the word “mormon” : M-O-R-O-N. Sorry if I offend someone, but I 100% agree with you !

      1. I know, i did write it more because the wordplay was easy, shame on me … ;-() And most of all, one may not hide behind a faith (and often distort it) to justify stupid assumptions !

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